Mid aged human male (1992 - ), reared in 5 countries.

" Some people are always critical of vague statements. I tend rather to be critical of precise statements; they are the only ones which can correctly be labeled wrong." - Raymond Smullyan

Often difficult answering the question: Where are you from? Easier satisfying a polarized curio. A longer whisper, once for.

Lived (of 27yrs): Birth + 66.6+% - US, 14% - Mali, 11.1% - Kenya, 7.4% - Nigeria, 4.8% - Senegal.
Nationality/Citizenship/Birth: American
Lineage: Mali
Siblings: 0

Excluding holiday locations, ordered coordinates [place, time spent, relation]:

  1. US - chapter I of II (birth, first 10yrs)- Champaign-Urbana (birth, Illinois), Los Angeles (kindergarden), MD/DC/Bethesda (Lycee Rochambeau/Private French School to 5th grade/CM2); 1992 -2002;
  2. Mali - Bamako [2.5yrs, portion of middle school]; 2002-2005; Castors (private school).
  3. Nigeria -Abuja [2yrs, More middle school]; 2005-2007; Marcel Pagnol (private French school).
  4. Kenya - Nairobi [3yrs, 9-11.5th]; 2007-2010; Lycée Denis Diderot (private French school), ISK (International School of Kenya)
  5. Mali - Bamako, [1.5yrs, last streak of high school]; 2010-2011; American International School of Bamako
  6. Senegal - Dakar [Freshman yr] 2011, Suffolk University Dakar Campus
  7. US chapter II open - Boston, MA [4yrs, undergrad]; 2011-2015, Suffolk University Boston
  8. US - Rockville, MD/Washington D.C area [2yrs, residence]; 2015-2017
  9. Boston, MA [Inklings, and work] 06/2017 -

Change - a familiar constant and sounding board. Pessimism, quondam - a force of analysis.

Other near to mid-term 'aspirations':

  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect (Etc.)
  • R44 Robinson License
  • Inter alia Chatfuel, Quantopian, Solidity
  • A few ideas.