Anatomy of Alternative

In the course of disentangling time mismanagement, temper, Calories with attractive self-education chances and durable goods - "I don't care" seems to be an ebbing convention. Or is that irrelevant? Log out, bookmark all tabs, minimize the window, quit the browser but perhaps they're each - an unfettered say?

With an estimated yearly 600 billion of spending power for the 75 million millennials (Who are The Millennial Shoppers? Accenture 2015), two sample extents relating to innovation come to mind. Should the appeal of timelessness in wellness concepts, or premiumisation values based on environmental sensitivity, and shareability - privilege, render steady, or decrease communication with self?

Favoring automated decision making, one is presented with a microfounded productivity endurance but also the chance of prattling on indefinitely. How? The more confidential aspects of insights that depend on memory. Are visual representations adequate? Or are they just an optionality? What's after the forward slash?

According to JWT London and Mindshare's 'Speak Easy' survey, online search (with 63% of regular voice tech users), asking for directions(42%), and checking weather forecasts(46%) are among higher uses for voice tech with tasks. By contrast to asking for fun questions and playing music which netted respectively 55% and 50% of regular users (Speak Easy, JWT 2017). Likewise inter alia, a characteristic of data growth is its unstructured data's (videos, images, audio, email etc) lion share.

Should a "Don't care" app be generated? Allowing to discern better between choice as the result of initiative or of a comparison? Perhaps this concept would survive in some scenarios as the only strand of evidence an agent needs to provide to self that they didn't care about something at that point in time. In any decision-making context since forgetting and voluntary concern are separate - not caring could use some reminders due to both (i) the transitive compositionality our live information reflects and (ii) an option pool one could call 'influence'. That has the properties of beclouding what's taken as inputs by granting porosity to our inconsistency counterclaims or extending associative arguments.

"The advent of computers and the subsequent accumulation of incalculable data has given rise to a new form of memory and thought parallel to your own" - 1995, Puppet Master, Ghost in the Shell.

By themselves, numbers don't seem very enlightening nor explanatory success bearers - rankings, age, currency amounts, witness count, votes or sights. And as though tête à tête's zeitgeist slowly germinates into uncertainty - that is - into freedom units that can be traded between weak societal ties for a score of goal states - assumption tokens, collaborative belief building, spontaneous polls, how will the topology of personal events develop forms of insulation?