Cingulate Cortex

Historically it's not uncommon that labor-saving devices propel joint efforts (Stavrianos, 1981) and surplus. Akin to tracing wire coating, textiles, solvents and adhesives back to natural gas - what revised insights can the role of location exhibit vis-a-vis influencing indirect observation?
For situational ethos to be fungible enough both with a random walk - curiosity, and an irreducible representation - decision. Consider a random walk a form of continuous ranking of independent, identical and random variables (Lawler, Limic. Random walk: A modern introduction, University of Chicago).

How will the leading personality traits of self-centered, sarcastic, risk taking and open minded (BCG Millenial Supplemental Consumer Survey, 2013) merge to the 82% preference of brick and mortar shopping (Accenture, 2013) of millenials? Only 28% would make a purchase from a social media lead, can this experential gap correlate with digital payments incentives? With basis in another survey (2016 North America Consumers Digital Payments Survey, Accenture)- with 35% of early adopters (mass affluents and millenials) regularly using digital payment systems, there's reason to hypothesize against simply adding adjacent services such as credit balance, incoming bills, or alerts. Whilst transacting, couldn't the emotional consumer connections needed for payment experience value, go hand in hand with the location based proximity needed, and the digital payment systems adoption if these came together as a social experience, before, and after transaction?

With a humorous take on people's mutual tolerance, the Ig Nobel prize's 2004 peace recipient Daisuke Inoue's invention (2004 Ig Nobel Prize Winners, Improbable Research) is still rather suggestive: Karaoke. Close to a louder form of monologue in some ways, here personal reinterpretation doesn't obstruct contextual value beyond genre or category.Suppose that aspect could've been modeled as a group selection, just as product niches can be chosen. Continuing the same analogy, having a soliloquy - regardless of the volume, pitch or content, shares a data privacy notion: implicit consent (Symposium on the Future networked car, Pinsent Masons, 2016). Should it be argued that mechanisms of interacting with interfaces can be found within self propositionally? Perchance another hypothesis can animate more drawings, (i) if there's a reason to make a known variable an observable one, there must be "a flexibility to take the other's perspective" (Gazzaniga Michael, Human 2008 p190.)

To arrive at insightful information, transaction experience value is likely to have to comport "fidelity, access, persistence, privacy, range, volume and searchability" (Cultural Evolution of Storytelling, Princeton Press).To reveal expressive power, can symbols absorb qualitative limits of numbers, and numbers the OBEs (out of body experience) of will? What should lead to more activity in the somatosensory cortex? The area of the brain with correlations to specific body part sensations that works 'when a situation is simulated from one's own perspective' (Gazzaniga, Human 2008 p193.)

Aside from the more B2B-active 3D printing business model, computer assisted designs in ID (Industrial Design), use morphological matrices.
The latter, links solutions to functions of products, and aided by design tools has the ability to incorporate a designer's subjective objectives (Matthews P.C. (2011) "Challenges to Bayesian decision support using morphological matrices for design, empirical evidence', Research in Engineering Design., 22.(1).)

Skull With Burning Cigarette, Van Gogh, Van Gogh Museum.