Below are a few high-level questions formulated to discuss how some downstream frameworks could need more modularity in designing incidence.

As the theme of real-time engagement begins punctuating more layers of both biological and technical product lifecycles (Ulrich and Eppinger, 2012), a different scope of competition seems to emerge.

How well can a perspective of time between use cycles like remanufacturing and recycling (Intelligent Assets, WEF 2015) or reuse and sharing enable more relations between structure and society?

How can low-powered incentives (Holmström, Milgrom, The firm as an incentive 1994) communicate contractual variance while building more intra-urban functions and centers (Schmitt, Zhong, Ratti et al, 2015)?

The boudoir was a woman's sitting/talk room between dining and bedroom, mostly present in 20th-century architecture (Victorian). The interesting part is it followed societal rapports of the time - males (metropolitan) acquiring self-expression as a more public ritual of deliberation, and at that time, females active yet in a relatively withdrawn manner (From Bed to Boudoir, McGill 1998).

Far from mimetic pressures, a keyword - architecture (e.g response, urban, entertainment, choice) poses another question. This was using another 20th-century geographer Paul Dupuy's and his daughter Marie Therese Laurette's synthetic geography approach (geography as without frontiers, and only features affecting change patterns).
Through what means will newer cryptocurrencies such as Monero, (Knowledge Base, GetMonero, 2016) be able to encompass low and moderate appetite for risk before generating cross-border city ontologies?

The ad hoc potential that responsive digital assets, extra-financial reporting (RSE Institue, Grenelle II Act), and low end to end network latency (GSMA, Understanding 5G) display, needs to tolerate indifference without caricaturing alternatives.

In a way, where can our personalized boudoirs grow anywhere and fasten synergies with public innovation? To what extent must collaboration assume a non-deterministic form of competition between users? How can any person access critical path 'epiphanies' and weave at that exact moment- though short-lived, a business case?