Fast-forward: Correspondence?

Where resides the seduction in forgetting?

A walk covering an area both far from residence, with a couple intermissions based on the distribution of intra-urban centers (Zhong, Schläpfer et al. Revealing Centrality in the Spatial Structure of cities from human activity patterns 2015) - and some baggage, can become inconvenient. Yet besides one's gradually fluent indexing of shared use assets, including space - might there not be near the spare bed or room, - spare storage capacity available in hourly increments?

During that same daytime walk or equally a scenario for the total value of ownership (TVO) underpinning intelligent public lighting (Crowther et al. Connected Public Lighting, Cisco Phillips); a second possibility using both car windshields and dwellings' window spaces arises. The leveraging of idle display volume towards intermittent foot traffic. Structural descriptions, a parity class of visual inputs to memory - could, in turn, assist in operationalizing (Pinker, Visual Cognition: An introduction):

  • non-visual knowledge recognition
  • Representation of objects, parts of objects and spatial relations between them (Pinker, Visual Cognition: An introduction).

That evening, the agent listens to a song that reminds of an erstwhile posted photo. Remark the likely inherence of an application allowing to swiftly point a song to an image containing a minimum of two tagged agents.
82% of all youtube users, but 93% of those aged between 16-24 use youtube for music (Music Consumer Insight Report, Ifpi, Ipsos Connect 2016).
Not all of these musical 'videos' are performances, any search experience indicates static album covers, a suggestive photo are as often results. Why not through a time-based tool, swiftly integrating any song to a user's social media image metadata of preference?
The 75% of internet users using video streaming services for music (Connecting with Music, Consumer Insight Report 2017 Ifpi) suggests a sufficient range for a more reflective tier of image based reactions using musical tracks without videos.

The withering gap between admirer and experiencer personas issues a question - surpassing individual wherewithal, what collective limits can decentralized appurtenance develop to become a dramaturgical mass-market social pivot enabling selective forgetfulness?

Photo - Ismael.S