Laeviscolia Frontalis (Blue Flower Wasp),
rights - Brett & Marie Smith

Naught-not, nous' recoil – a restraint to surrender, a restraint to contention
Escape without, wished ease to expiration
As secrecy awaiting, comfort's wager racing – laboring memory against
Might mettle, still staunch, reside in patience?

A concomitant posture, gently deemed removed – as though fire from, fumes -
Sanguinely meddling afar from indiscretion, a mercurial sip – to volition forgotten.
From a semblance of exception ensued suit towards stupor,
Distrust, – by a whisker, deference missing.

Breadth to confide candor – waning, implored for severance
Till dimness remark in wit's evanescent temerity, steadily for longing, a spite
A dais with, may confinement vow betterment's safe-keep?
Alas, with indifference but diluted, wont forwent expectation.

[Ismael Soumare 01.13.17]