Perpetual Auction

Partially unwound through alternate work arrangements for both business models and gig workers (Gig Economy, EY), natural language processing capabilities (Alexa Skills, Amazon), carbon tax markets, and urban planning (2016 Annual Report, Meeting of the minds) - dominant logic is now geared towards learning.

There's an understanding of the finite nature of lifespan and some of its subsets.Anecdotally it's diverting to recall many geometry professors mentioning a line, upon which a seemingly infinite amount of dots could be. Could this line, lottery, 28 000 days, or avant-garde nirvana just be a successive substitution of linked items pledging 'forever' moments?
Perhaps status quo, previously wasteful to maintain - is instead chiseled into smaller, more constant pieces: live sentience. As would require humor, elation or empathy, an elastic reciprocity from all ingredients actuating them.
But put less charitably, what could it take to come to terms with the brute force of an ending, regardless of the lengths achieved?
Is it necessarily in constant opposition to the very 'forever' currency using it as a dependence?

As a broader work-play balance seeps into rigid notions of scale, whereas individual skills are prone to stand out better (Perspectives, Pearlfisher), and creativity become common (Gen Z, EY) - won't insights reside more in how time can be forgotten?