Rekindling Synthesis

Painting - Bernardo Roman Palau

Recall times when purely dumbfounded by, or simply lacking words to clarify an occurrence to any audience. The second stale realization being that even if a given listener could be a visual witness, - the undertones that pledge most of the accuracy will be neglected.
What can be done to convey those plentiful reckonings?

Not only as EQ gathers importance even in formal settings (Millennials at work, PWC), but piggybacking from part of Robert Sternberg's Nature of Creativity work (Tufts, 2006), and Adobe's Gen Z 2016 Study, - how should the more supportive digital environments for creativity soak deeper investments in idea blends?
Although 'Creative' - consistently above 36% in top 5 attributes Gen Z students described themselves with (Gen Z in the Classroom, Adobe), the other side of the coin still requires task-focused motivation and fair evaluations of the unconventional solutions creativity takes shape as (Sternberg, Tufts 2006).This motivates the next arguments.

Aren't film scores integral parts of movies? They draw emphasis in ways that could've taken longer to convince patrons watching. Movies are likewise known to skip many parts of their book for the sake of time. It also appears we're becoming well versed with music's ubiquity, a modest example being Pandora's use for the month ending December 2015, was on average 22 hours per active device (2016 Pandora Annual Report).
While video traffic is forecasted to be at more than 82% of all IP internet traffic by 2020 (Cisco Whitepaper, VNI Forecast 2015-2020), the better questions are what are absorbing ways in the P2P market, that users can connect to one another with?

We have as givens (i) many songs are listened to in an extended way, (ii) live video consumption is becoming an integral part of online acumen and (iii) the work-personal time balance is evolving. If a platform could align for a given amount of time, say 3 songs, and a live video of a person who will not be speaking to the camera, but multitasking, working, cooking or meditating, wouldn't this both value those hard to express verbally moments, while providing many thematic audio-visual interactions? Wouldn't it be interesting to choose by song type, or activities a 5-minute blend of music and activity of any type and connect to another? Perhaps someone doing the same thing as you, or vastly different, though you will both be busy in some way.
I'll surmise this would capacitate deeper and unique layers of interaction that language is still wrestling with.