Transformative Selves: The Newer Transparency?

Painting - Antonio Nunziante.

For the reluctant sake of fun, one should assume honesty was an irremediable handicap.

That vast awareness would surely make it hard to realistically describe many wishes.
Unless they could be re-spun into words still tributing their underlying skeleton. Lastly, assume that awareness was just based on easily retrievable knowledge and some personal intuition.

From an actionable snapshot, trust - a large vein in the P2P market, is gradually rooted in exemplifying micro outcomes - without loss of generality. A seeming telepathy of subjectivation influences one another beyond claiming verified experiences, for - developing new ones.

Ranging from garments to lighting, to temporary location or beverages, there's ordinarily an argument behind each of those decisions that can be taken apart.

While not so distant to sounding like a context where each actor's role has an impact on the others' uncertainty, information asymmetry adapts resilience. Amongst numerous other sharing services -transportation's viability also relies on continuity, ultimately a thing:

  • Using some blockchain consensus principles (integrity, performance, privacy, and fault tolerance), which seem to share more and more ground with change architecture in socio-personal areas.
  • Repainting our information to convey bartering equity (relevance, value, differentiation)
  • Dissecting our feelings and beliefs of interest into many strands
  • Connecting new concepts to their information sources thereby providing a uniqueness to piggyback more from.

Which sides of you are you willing to revise, virtualize, compress or extend?